KRC Bullhead Design

Bullhead cutters with full-face coverage for narrow trenches

  • Exceptional narrow width due to special design gearbox
  • Excavate narrow trenches without sideways movement
  • Protected hose management
  • Powerful hydraulics thanks to double motor design
  • Ideal for soil stabilisation
  • Operational to 30 meters underwater without need for modifications
The KRC range of bullhead cutters have two cutter drums arranged at an angle to one another so that the two sets of picks provide full face coverage without any gap between them, eliminating the need to swing the cutter from side to side. Operating the cutter without sideways movement creates a trench with the same width as the cutter attachment.

Compared to the EK range of chain cutters, which also have full-face coverage thanks to the central cutter chain, the KRC range of bullhead cutters are easier to maintain. However, due to their design, they cannot achieve the extreme narrow trenching widths of the EK chain cutters.

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  • Cutter drum diameter (C)
  • Cutter head width (B)
  • Drum cutter length (A)
  • Max. cutting force at 380 bar
  • Max. oil flow at 10 bar
  • Max. operating hydraulic pressure
  • Max. torque at 380 bar
  • Max. uniaxial compressive strength
  • Number of picks
  • Pick box
  • Rated power
  • Recommended excavator weight
  • Recommended oil flow
  • Recommended rotation speed
  • Standard pick
  • Weight
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