ES Universal Cutters

Cutter heads for asphalt, concrete and rock

  • Tool carrier with high torque hydraulic motor
  • Milling attachment for the precise removal of material from horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • An integrated rotation unit, providing continuous stepless rotation, is availabe as an option B B A A
The ES range of cutter heads are ideally suited for accurate profiling of horizontal or vertical surfaces. Whether for surface cleaning, profiling, straightening or simply for material removal, depending on the application, various types of cutter drum can be used for processing asphalt, concrete and rock.

 ES cutter heads are available for excavators with 1 to 40 ton operating weight and can be used in conjunction with stepless rotation modules.

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  • Cutting depth
  • Diameter of cutter drum (A)
  • Max. hydraulic pressure
  • Max. oil flow
  • Min. oil flow
  • Number of picks
  • Pick box
  • Rated power
  • Recommended excavator weight
  • Standard pick
  • Torque at 350 bar
  • Width of cutter drum (B)
  • Diameter of cutter drum (A
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