KR range

24 models

Rotary drum cutters with spur gears

24 models


  • Extra heavy-duty, rigid gear box housing
  • Exceptional wear protection on the gearbox
  • Equipped for optional water spray dust suppression system
  • High torque motors for maximum cutting force
  • Drums supported on heavy-duty bearings
  • Protected hose management
  • Works underwater without need for modifications

Application areas

  • Tunnelling
  • Demolition
  • Also used for trenching and pipeline work, renovating concrete, profiling, mining of soft minerals and underwater excavating

World innovation

In addition to standard EK and the convertible EKT range, traditional style rotary drum cutters are now also available from KEMROC. They are designated as the new KR range of drum cutters. Designed to be incredibly robust, these attachments are ideal for use on short arm excavators working in confined spaces, especially in tunneling and also for the vibration free and silent demolition of re-enforced
concrete structures.

Effective dust control is particularly importand in demolition and tunneling applications. The KR range of cutters are designed for the installation of an optional, hydraulically controlled water jet dust control system.

Measure: Compare Models
  • Cutter drum diameter (C)
  • Cutter head width (B)
  • Drum cutter length (A)
  • Max. cutting force at 380 bar
  • Max. oil flow at 10 bar
  • Max. operating hydraulic pressure
  • Max. torque at 380 bar
  • Number of picks
  • Pick box
  • Rated power
  • Recommended excavator weight
  • Recommended oil flow
  • Recommended rotation speed
  • Standard pick
  • Weight
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