KSI Injection Attachment

Injection attachments for permeating cohesive soils with a cement suspension

  • Mixing blade extendable to 12 meters
  • The attachment can be mounted on standard excavators
  • Optimal pattern of tungsten carbide tipped tools for the mixing process
  • High torque drive motors provide enough power to mix heavy soils
  • Simple, heavy-duty construction
  • Hydraulic tensioning of the mixing chain is possible
The KSI range of injection attachments were developed in cooperation with a German specialist ground engineering company and are at the core of the Kemsolid KSI process.

The Kemsolid KSI process is a system of soil stabilisation using an excavator attachment to inject and mix a defined concrete suspension in non-load bearing soils (KSI) that, when left to harden, create a homogenous, impermeable and frost resistant soilcement structure. Depending on soil conditions and desired load bearing requirements, various concentrations of cement and binder fluid are used.

KSI soil mixing attachments are available in two sizes for mounting on excavators between 35 and 120 ton operating weight and can be supplied with a range of blade lengths. The KSI 7000 model can be equipped with blades suitable for mixing depths of 5, 6 or 7 meters, while the larger KSI 12 000 model can take blades for mixing depths of 6, 8, 10 or 12 meters.
Depending on the application, the blades can be produced with cutter plates for different mixing widths.

Both models can be supplied with a rotation module as an optional extra.

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  • Max. oil flow
  • Max. operating hydraulic pressure
  • Max. permissible ground compressive strength
  • Mixing width (A)
  • Modular mixing depth (C)
  • Rated hydraulic power
  • Recommended chain speed
  • Recommended excavator weight
  • Recommended oil flow at 150 bar
  • Standard mixing tool
  • Weight of attachment built for max. mixing depth
  • Weight per meter for extension
  • Width of gearbox (B)
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