KEMROC Spezialmaschinen GmbH


Cutter attachments are our passion

With more than 20 years’ experience, we develop and manufacture cutter attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders.

Our attachments are robust and strong with main components made in Germany.
Attention during production and assembly guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability. KEMROC cutter attachments work reliably and efficiently in almost any material. Steel, concrete, rock, wood – wherever KEMROC cutter attachments are used, material is removed safely and accurately.

Together with our customers, we are constantly developing new solutions for demolition, construction, and mining applications. Challenge us! We guarantee specialist information and professional service for our products. Our international team of specialists will be happy to support you with your individual project.


Responsibility towards people and the environment

Within our company, we value openness and a working atmosphere of mutual respect. Health and safety at work takes precedence over economic concerns.

For us, acting in an environmentally friendly and health-conscious manner is not only a corporate duty in the service of society, health, and the environment, but also an important prerequisite for maintaining our profitability and competitiveness. We therefore promote the environmental and health awareness of our employees and their responsible use of their own resources and the resources of nature.

Fairness and tolerance

We treat our competitors as fair competitors who comply with the rules of the market. We respect the laws, customs, and rites of the countries in which we operate. We are in favour of equal opportunity and against any form of discrimination, be it on the basis of gender, skin colour or a particular religious affiliation.


Regarding the quality of our products and services, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We are aware that the customer is the most important partner in our company and that only through customer satisfaction can we guarantee our success.


We know that the value of a company does not depend solely on its economic indicators. A good reputation and, above all credibility, also creates value. Our employees receive regular information about the status of our work and important company decisions.


Long-term thinking and responsible action

Our company’s management principles include: long-term thinking, efficiency and employee participation in the company’s success. For us, thinking and acting entrepreneurially means “Deciding”, “Design”, “Responsibility”, “Develop”. In order to ensure that KEMROC employees can take on responsibility in this sense, we offer them jobs with a wide range of tasks and the greatest possible scope for development.

We grow in the long term, qualified, but not at any price.

Qualified, self-reliant, team-oriented and motivated employees

The quality of our employees is the basis of our success. Their commitment, also outside the company, their personal responsibility and creativity shape the image of KEMROC both internally and externally.

The way our employees work is defined by personal responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Our employees stand by KEMROC. They are committed, efficient and quality-oriented, and they are willing to constantly develop and improve.

KEMROC employees should be free to find solutions and achieve goals. They are enquiring, creative, dynamic and they are team players. At the top of their scale of values are: sincerity, customer and partner orientation, enthusiasm for new things and the respectful treatment of others.


Sustainable growth

A sustainable increase in the value of the company requires long-term thinking and action. The success criteria for this are growing profitability, innovative products and services, market-driven returns, and secure and new jobs. We want to continuously increase sales and profits while positioning ourselves above the industry average.

We don’t do everything. We focus on our core competencies, and in these we are rated among the best.


In order to achieve the desired growth in sales and profits, we target the opportunities offered by the global market and will continue to expand our international business.


Innovative products are essential for sustainable growth and developing new markets. That’s why we invest a significant part of our profits annually in the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. We also work together with other companies and universities. In this way, innovation becomes the growth engine of our company.

Acknowledgement of our corporate mission statement is an important prerequisite for all KEMROC employees as to how we will achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Worldwide, at all levels and in all roles, we want to act accordingly, and together we will shape the future of our company.