KDS Diamond Cutter Wheels

Diamond saws for rock, concrete, plastic, GRP, aluminium, wood and foil

  • High rotation speed up to 2,000 rpm
  • Drive motors with heavy-duty bearings
  • Effective cooling of saw blades
  • Lateral pull-out protective covers for all saw blade diameters
Rotation units with endless rotation

Rotation units in the KRM range have been developed for use with KEMROC milling attachments. In combination with rotation units, milling attachments can always be placed in the correct position while facing in the right direction. As a result, in most cases work is completed faster and with more accuracy.

When used with EX patch planers, it is possible to mill longitudinally in front of the excavator as well as 90° across the excavator without having to move the excavator. You can even work to the side of the excavator. DMW, EK or KTR attachments working in combination with KRM rotation units can also benefit from this flexibility of working position. Horizontal slots can be cut easily using a KDS attachment together with a KRM rotation unit.

Depending on the application, productivity can be increased by up to 50 percent when using KRM rotation units – especially in sewer and pipeline construction, profiling and tunnelling.

Instructions for drilling with KEMROC drill drives
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