KRX 70: Bored pile wall securely anchored


Using a Powertool KRX 70 drive unit with milling attachment, recesses are made in bored piles, into which reinforced concrete spurs are poured at a later date.

Near Osterode in the Harz Mountains (Germany), the intake section of the Söse dam is being renovated. In the process, the holding dam had to be resealed using a new bored pile wall. This wall is strengthened at the top and bottom with two reinforced concrete belts. To excavate recesses in the bored pile wall to attach the reinforced concrete spurs, Umwelttechnik & Wasserbau GmbH uses one of their own 24-tonne excavators with a KEMROC KRX 70 Powertool drive unit with longitudinal milling attachment. As a result, the project was completed within the required specifications and on schedule …