Rotary milling attachments

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The perfect cutter attachment for your project

Each rotary milling attachment for your excavator has special features and properties that have a significant impact on its performance. This makes the milling attachment a valuable tool for various applications in different industries. Choose the right attachment for your project to fully exploit its potential. KEMROC has the right milling attachment for every application:


Which excavator attachment is the best choice for your needs? Let our experts advise you now. KEMROC excavator attachments can also be rented if required!

The most important benefits of a milling attachment

  • Flexibility

    Milling attachments can be used on a wide range of materials – from soft ground to asphalt, concrete, soil and rock. This makes them flexible tools suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Performance

    The combination of excavator and milling attachment results in faster and more efficient project delivery. It is possible to process or remove large amounts of material in a short period of time.

  • Precision

    In areas such as tunnelling or trenching for utilities, a major benefit of milling excavator attachments is the ability for precision excavation.

  • Mobility

    An excavator attachment can be easily transported to different locations and mounted on an excavator on site. In addition, an excavator with a milling attachment is flexible enough to work in confined or hard-to-reach locations.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    High productivity combined with minimal manual labour reduces operating costs. At the same time, there are no capital costs if the attachment is rented from KEMROC.

  • Safety

    Milling attachments can be used under controlled conditions, which reduces the risk of accidents. They also allow for safer removal of hazardous or contaminated materials.

  • Environmental impact

    Some excavator attachments have minimal impact on the local environment, which can be particularly important in densely built-up or ecologically sensitive areas.